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Visit MedGenome at ARVO 2018 Booth 832

Your Global Research Partner in Opthalmology


MedGenome is pleased to announce the launch of the Ophthatome™ Knowledgebase  a comprehensive platform to design studies with a  database of   clinical, phenotype and biochemical data  for ocular diseases.  Please visit booth # 832 to watch a demo of the interface and find datasets of your interest. To get a copy of the white-paper on the Ophthatome Knowledgebase please contact us.

We will be presenting at 1:00 pm on Monday, April 30th 

1. Unravelling complex eye disease through analysis of big data

Professor Paul Baird,
Centre for Eye Research Australia
Ophthalmology, Department of Surgery
University of Melbourne

2. Ophthatome: A knowledgebase of ophthalmic diseases

Dr Soumittra N
Disease Program Lead – Ophthalmology
MedGenome Inc.

To receive the new white-paper on the:
Ophthatome Knowledgebase”, please fill out the form.

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