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Full Time Internship


MedGenome has a large group of people working in the area of computational biology. The team works on various diagnostic, immunotherapy and next-generation sequencing applications. Our scientists are developing new algorithms and framework to solve various clinical problems. We also use machine learning and statistics methods to develop computational model for different challenging problem.

Sales and MarketingIndia

The Sales and marketing team at Medgenome consists of seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of the genomic diagnostics landscape. They bring together technical and commercial experience to effectively fulfil the requirements of clinicians and patients.

Lab OperationsIndia

As one of the largest high throughput gene sequencing firm in South East Asia, MedGenome offers its employees excellent exposure to molecular diagnostic platforms such as immunohistochemistry, real time PCR, Sanger sequencing, Next-Generation sequencing, chromosomal microarray and more. This involves the handling of high throughput library preparation and sequencing, project management, MIS generation and data analysis. Genome analysis, interpretation and clinical reporting.