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Bioinformatics – USA

Bioinformatics Scientist


Job Purpose

MedGenome is seeking a highly motivated Bioinformatics Scientist to join its Foster City Bioinformatics operations. The successful candidate will apply cutting edge bioinformatics methodologies to analyze next generations (NGS) sequencing data for RNA-seq, single cell, whole genome and TCR data. This person will support collaborative relationships with clients interested in applying cutting edge genomics and bioinformatics solutions to various disease related areas.

Job Duties

  • A PhD in Bioinformatics or related field with experience in NGS analysis.
  • Strong programming skills and experience in pipelining in either Perl or Python as well as data analysis in R.
  • Experience in analyzing large genomic datasets (including RNA-seq, WGS and single cell data).
  • Familiarly with programmatic interfaces to relational databases (MySQL and Oracle).
  • Familiarity with bioinformatics pipeline creation.
  • Proven bioinformatics analysis publication record.
  • Strong collaborative, scientific and communication skills.

About MedGenome

MedGenome is a genomics-based diagnostics, research and services company with more than 400 employees worldwide delivering genomic based health care and research solutions. We are the market leader in genomics-based diagnostics and research in India with global offices in California and Singapore. Our mission is to improve global health by developing deep insights through the application of genomics technologies. Our research solutions apply cutting-edge genomics technologies, bioinformatics, software, and big data analytics to the genetically diverse populations to understand the genetic basis of disease.