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Diabetes Clinical Knowledge Base

Large Scale Genomics Data Network

As the market leader for genomic diagnostics in India, “the single most interesting country in terms of genetic diversity,” and as a founding member of the GenomeAsia100K, MedGenome has created an environment for genomic analysis unlike anywhere else in the world. We can offer unprecedented access to data that can unlock questions on biology of disease, and enable new therapies which will have global impact.

Our research platform enables genetic research studies into complex human diseases, otherwise intractable by conventional genetic analysis.

Enabling insights generation from large scale genomics research

  • Access to large cohorts of retrospective patient samples with matched clinical data
  • Access to customized prospective cohorts
  • Capabilities in high-throughput sequencing and informatics capabilities

MedGenome’s genomics research platform offers infrastructure and service capabilities to enable large scale genomics research. MedGenome clients can leverage our collaborator network, rich data and research informatics for accelerating basic and drug discovery research.

  • Infrastructure

    Collaborator NetworkCollaborator network for prospective studies
    Blood SamplesAccess to tissue/blood samples
    SequencingSequencing and clinical data across diseases

    Access to patient cohorts, biosamples, genomics and rich      clinical data

    Continued access to patients for follow-up and pedigree     information

  • Services and Research Informatics

    NGS ServicesNGS Services
    NGS InformaticsNGS Informatics
    pipelinesPoint solutions and pipelines

    State-of-the-art sequencing and research informatics     services

    Disease-specific Knowledge Databases

MedGenome’s network of large hospital collaborators and genetic centers offer sample access with archived clinical data across the following disease areas:

Genomics research studies on stratified population substructures are found to be effective

  • Unstratified disease cohort

    Critical requirements

    Access to samples
  • Stratified by clinical data

    Rich clinical and phenotype data
  • Stratified by population substructure

    Genomic data

    Population information

Examples of disease genes discovered using defined populations:

  • Hypercholesterolemia (LDL receptor)
  • Cancer (APC, RB)
  • Obesity (ABC1, PCSK9)
  • Diabetes (PPAR-γ )

Indian population genetics is a treasure trove of information and insights

The Indian population originated from a small number of founder families
Ancestral population became heterogeneous over time due to diverse climatic and other life style conditions
Restricted gene flow between groups which created 3000 – 5000 population isolates that has preserved rare disease alleles associated with complex diseases over a period of time

GenomeAsia 100K

MedGenome is a founding member of GenomeAsia 100K, a non-profit consortium collaborating to sequence 100,000 Asian individuals’ genomes to help accelerate population specific medical advances and precision medicine.
The first stage of this project will be carried out by the sequencing of 10,000 genomes for ethnic stratification for within each local ancestry. This will be followed by the sequencing of the genomes of 90,000 individuals combined with clinical and phenotype information to find unique Asian variants. Then genomics and clinical ‘big data’ sets will be parsed to build upon currently available information on genetic diversity.

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