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Job Role: Lead Research Associate – Cytogeneticist- Bangalore

Job Purpose

  • Handles prenatal karyotyping and FISH including Amniotic Fluid (AF), Chorionic Villi samples (CVS), Product of conception (POC) etc. Coordinates with the extraction team for culture setup for DNA extractions required for other molecular tests. Adhere to PCPNDT, CAP, NABL and any other regulatory requirement. Generate biweekly statistics and quality indicators for the cases handled

Job responsibilities:

  • Reception of samples (karyotyping and FISH) from Customer support after the necessary sample accession
  • Select or prepare specimens and media for cell cultures using aseptic techniques, knowledge of medium components, or cell nutritional requirements
  • Select appropriate methods of preparation and storage of media to maintain pH, sterility, or the ability to support growth
  • Prepare samples such as amniotic fluids, bone marrow, tumors (FFPEs), chorionic villi, and blood, for chromosome examinations/signal enumeration as per the requested tests (karyotyping or FISH)
  • Report generation (Karyotype/FISH) as per the latest ISCN guidelines
  • Summarize test results and report to appropriate authorities
  • Supervise subordinate laboratory staff
  • Maintain laboratory equipment such as Biosafety cabinet, CO2 Incubators, Hot air oven, Fluorescent microscope, and standard cytogenetics/FISH equipment
  • Participation in EQAS relevant to the section
  • Strictly adhere to lab Quality Processes and follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Adhering to Company’s quality policy and following all regulatory requirements (CAP, NABL etc) at every step
  • Coordinating with customer support and other departments in the lab
  • Maintain cordial working relationship with everyone in the company
  • Helping lab managers in preparing the test reports and customer support in replying to the customers
  • Maintaining inventory (both karyotyping and FISH), ordering reagents, and ensuring the lab is in order

Desired Skills and Qualification

  • 6+ years of experience
  • PhD

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