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Cloning & Stable Cell Line Development

MedGenome’s molecular biology services include high quality cloning and stable cell line development services to help increase the productivity of our clients’ labs. Stable cell lines expressing proteins of interest are used routinely for a wide variety of biological applications, such as genetic and functional studies, expression of recombinant proteins and screening drug candidates, to name a few. Cell lines stably expressing proteins offer significant advantages over transiently transfected cells, reducing batch to batch variation in protein expression and shortening the set up time for assays.

We offer customized stable cell lines created by our highly skilled Ph.D. cell culture scientists. Our services include all components necessary for the creation and characterization of stable cell lines expressing your gene of interest. We create lines from primary cells, immortalized cells and variety of cancer cells. Plasmids, as well as retroviral-based systems are used for transfecting/transducing difficult cell lines. We also use electroporation to obtain higher efficiency of transfection, if needed.

Our ability to use fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) enables generation of clones producing different levels of proteins for use in various biological assays.

Our scientists will work closely with your R&D team to help optimize all parameters specific to your cell line(s) of interest, including:

  • Transfection of your insert-containing plasmid into your cell line of choice
  • Plasmid and retroviral based gene delivery
  • Single foci selection and enrichment of clones using antibiotic selection or flow-sorting
  • Stable cell line expansion
  • Validation of stable cell lines with western blot (with positive & negative controls) and/ or flow-cytometry
  • CRISPR/CAS9 based gene alterations
Control Cells
EGFP Cells




Example of high-quality cell line development. Cell line stably expressing EGFP generated through retroviral transduction.

Flow-cytometry profiles of (A) parental control cells and (B) cells post transduction, flow-sorted and expanded.

(C) phase contrast and fluorescent images of the cell line stably expressing EGFP.

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