About MedGenome

MedGenome Inc. is a genomics-based research company headquartered in California with a mission to improve global health by decoding genetic information contained in an individual's genome. It is also a founding member of GenomeAsia 100K initiative to sequence 100,000 Genomes in South, North and East Asia.

Our NGS lab in Foster City, California is ISO 15189 compliant, CLIA certified, and CAP accredited

Integrated Genomics Platform

Integrated Genomics Platform (IGP) empowers genetic research studies into complex human diseases otherwise intractable by conventional genetic analysis. This service enables pharma to develop better drugs by applying genomics to stratified disease cohorts

IGP enables pharma to develop better drugs by applying genomics to stratified disease cohorts

Elucidate the genetic keys to human health
  • Centenarian studies
  • Discovery of protective alleles in a population
Understanding the genetic basis of complex diseases and rare disorders
  • Develop better diagnostics
  • Uncover causal genes in orphan Mendelian disorders
Enables novel drug development
  • Genetic breakthroughs have produced blockbuster drugs and diagnostics


OncoPept is an end-to-end genomics platform to accelerate your immuno-oncology research.

MedGenome is the only Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) service provider offering immuno-oncology researchers an enduring, science-driven partnership to deliver quicker, more affordable, customized solutions to achieve superior therapeutic impact of checkpoint control inhibitors and cancer vaccines through its cancer immunotherapy platform, OncoPeptTM


OncoMD is an extensively annotated knowledge base of genomic alterations in cancer that provides deep insights into the disease at a genetic and molecular level

OncoMD combines curated data with software bioinformatics and powerful analytics to derive useful genomics solutions in cancer research and diagnostics

  • 1,900,000+

    Cancer mutations
  • 7,000+

    Peer reviewed publications
  • 17,000+

    Exome studies
  • 650,000+