MedGenome in association with Illumina/Premas Life Sciences presents a webinar on
Clinical evidence supporting the use of Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)
Wednesday, 29th August, 2.30 PM

PGS technology has been in the news recently due to its ability to screen out IVF embryo’s with aneuploidies and other mutations. This has led to a lot of interest from both doctors and patients in this technology and its benefits. MedGenome the leader in genetic diagnostics in India and Illumina the global leader in PGS technology have come together to throw some light on PGS and its benefits

Join us for this webinar where we will provide a brief history of PGS technologies and share important clinical data that highlights the benefits of PGS testing for various patient groups. The talk will also share detail about VeriSeq PGS platform– which is a validated, peer reviewed, end to end solution.

Kathryn Gebhardt (PhD)
Sr. Clinical IVF Specialist, Asia Pacific Japan, Illumina
Kathryn has worked extensively in IVF in Australia as well as the Reproductive Genetic Health field in Asia Pacific and Japan. She has worked closely with clinicians and patients to offer PGS testing in a clinical IVF setting, and has extensive knowledge of the technology and its clinical benefits.
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