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Ten ways multiple myeloma treatment is changing

As steady improvements continue in the treatment of multiple myeloma, it’s important for managed care executives to get out in front of the changes on the horizon.

“Several exciting new drugs are in the market or on the verge,” says Jeffrey Scott, MD, an oncologist and chief medical officer of Integra Connect. “This means that more patients are living longer and better, and treatment increasingly resembles chronic care.”

MedGenome featured in Front Line Genomics Magazine ASHG 2017 issue – Article: Asia Gains Ground

2,000. That’s the number of genomes, Genome Asia 100K have successfully sequenced. The non-profit organisation is collaborating to sequence a total of 100,000 Asian individuals’ genomes, in a bid to help accelerate population specific medical advances and precision medicine.

Why? Well, according to the projects Scientific Chairman, Professor Stephan Schuster, “The more we undertake research of Asia; we discover that it is genetically way more diverse than expected. We want to contribute to this effort to determine which variants are genetic variants in the population.”

Authored article by Dr Amit Chaudhuri on `Rational use of biomarkers in oncology clinical trials A paradigm shift towards precision medicine;

Biomarkers are biological indicators of early disease detection (diagnostic), disease progression and outcome (prognostic), and response to therapy (predictive).

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