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Authored article by Dr Amit Chaudhuri on `Rational use of biomarkers in oncology clinical trials A paradigm shift towards precision medicine;

Biomarkers are biological indicators of early disease detection (diagnostic), disease progression and outcome (prognostic), and response to therapy (predictive).

Michael A. Nemzek appointed as MedGenome Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Nemzek has held executive senior leadership team positions in both public companies and a number of private companies that have become successful public companies by merger and acquisition.

MedGenome to present its tumor microenvironment analysis results at the AACR Cancer Immunotherapy Conference in New York

The remarkable success of checkpoint control inhibitors in treating a variety of different cancers has necessitated a deeper assessment of the tumor and its microenvironment at the genetic and phenotypic level. Data from recent clinical trials has unequivocally established that the tumor microenvironment significantly impacts the efficacy of immune-oncology drugs.

MedGenome partners with ZellNet Consulting to offer powerful genomics solutions in immune-oncology research

This arrangement seamlessly integrates MedGenome’s cancer immunotherapy genomics platform with ZellNet’s immune monitoring services. This partnership will facilitate present customers of ZellNet’s immune monitoring services to quickly expand their cancer immunotherapy research into the genomics space by leveraging the power of next-generation sequencing-based approaches of neo-antigen and neo-epitope prediction.

MedGenome announces free access to OncoPeptTOPE’TM, its proprietary database of neo-antigens and neo-epitopes

MedGenome recently announced that its proprietary OncoPeptTOPE™ database of neo-antigens and neo-epitopes derived from genetic alterations using TCGA data will be made freely accessible to researchers in the cancer immunotherapy space.

MedGenome study analyzing Wellderley data shows interesting trend on gene mutations associated with cardiac function

The study titled “Whole Genome Sequencing data from the Wellderley study identifies rare variants in genes associated with diabetes and cardiomyopathy” involved the analysis of publicly available whole genome sequence data (WGS) of 454 healthy elderly Caucasian individuals (median age 85 years) from the Wellderly study.

Sequencing 100,000 Asian genomes for tailor-made healthcare

Not too far in the future, you may be able to receive tailor-made medical treatment for your body, increasing your chances of survival and recovery from serious illnesses.

This is one of the aims of an initiative to sequence the genomes of 100,000 Asians over the next three to four years. The move will try to reduce the bias of modern medicine towards Western populations.

MedGenome to present on OncoMD, a genomics data analysis and interpretation platform, for cancer discovery research at the AACR Conference 2016

OncoMD Cancer Analytics Platform combines tumor mutation profiles, expression signatures, copy number variations, epigenetic alterations and drug sensitivity to create a holistic view of human cancer enabling discovery of new targets for therapy and prognosis.

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